Community Development

Community Development

Gandhi said it best: Be the change you want to see in the world.


The Peninsula Jaycee’s Community Development Program is rooted in the foundation of our creed which states that “service to humanity is the BEST work of life.” The Peninsula Jaycees pledge and believe that together we can build stronger, more resilient communities through service and hard work. We strive to empower and strengthen our neighborhoods with the help of our other non-profit partners and our local business community.

There is nothing more rewarding as individuals and as a team than to pay it forward. The Jaycees as a whole facilitate change through team work and togetherness. As a family our goal is to gain a better understanding of the social and economical needs of our Peninsula.  What difference, whether big or small, can we make in our community today?  With faith, dedication, hard work, and passion the possibilities are endless!

Projects Include:

  • Adopt-A-Spot – quarterly clean ups along the Newport News line on Harpersville Road, near Game’s Farmers Market.
  • Clean the Bay Day – joining the Chesapeake Bay Foundation once a year in June to clean a designated area to keep trash out of our areas major waterway.
  • Pitch, Hit & Run – is a free, exciting skills event providing boys and girls the opportunity to compete to advance through levels of competitions to reach the MLB All-Star Game.
  • Punt, Pass & Kick – the NFL affiliate of Pitch, Hit & Run.
  • Sunday Supper – partnership with the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank to feed the community at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Interested in learning more? Contact Alexandra, our Community Development Vice President.