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Below you will find information on not only the Peninsula Jaycees and our projects, but also what becoming a member can do for you.  We understand that you don’t have to join a civic organization to be a good person, but by joining a civic organization like the Peninsula Jaycees you are able to pool and leverage resources that may not have been available to you.  You may also discover opportunities to share your unique skills that may not have been presented to you otherwise.
Our primary goal to create active citizens.  We do this by creating opportunities for our members to develop the skills and experience necessary to create positive change in their world.  We do this through formal and informal education which may span everything from helping curb international sickness to teaching members how to tell a good wine from a bad one!
To be eligible for membership a young person of good character must be between the ages of 18 and 41, have a desire to meet and uphold the values of the Peninsula Jaycees and be able to actively participate in whatever manner possible. In return for your application and annual membership dues of $75 you can expect the Jaycees to:
  • Provide opportunities for individual members to contribute to the development and enhancement of the economic infrastructure of our community;
  • Allowing young people to manage civic projects, which gives them experience in a leadership environment;
  • Developing the member’s sensitivity to problems in our society and providing experience in solving problems in our community.
To get started, simply download our Member Application and contact our membership staff at with your completed application!

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